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Your business needs a roof you can rely on, and Hercules Roofing is the best licensed commercial roofer in Fountain Valley, CA. Being a family-owned company, we understand that the roof serves as protection to your business—your second home—from the elements while providing a safe workplace and aesthetically enhancing your business’ curb appeal.

Whether you want to make a statement with an eye-catching storefront, increase energy efficiency, find the most functional roof for your budget, or all of the above, the commercial roofing contractors at Hercules Roofing are the experts you need in Fountain Valley, CA. We offer both residential and commercial roof replacement in Fountain Valley, CA.

Licensed Commercial Roofer in Fountain Valley, CA  

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Commercial roofing systems provide the top layer of protection for the goods and services your business offers. Whether you own a chain of restaurants, a transportation hub, a surf shop, or a manufacturing plant, Hercules Roofing can meet your commercial roofing services needs on time and on budget.  

Flat roofs are standard in commercial spaces, but no matter the material, shape, or slope, our commercial roofers apply their expertise to provide a structurally sound roofing solution for you. Whether you built your business from the ground up and need to make a prominent first impression, or you’re the head of operations at a commercial establishment, call Hercules Roofing when you have roofing questions or problems.   

Your building’s space might feature a low slope, built-up roofing (BUR), a thermoset roof, or a roof with shingle tiles. Whatever the case, we’ve seen it all, and our licensed commercial roofing contractors in Fountain Valley can tackle all your roofing requirements.  

Top-Rated Commercial Roofer in Fountain Valley, CA 

Hercules Roofing delivers long-lasting, leak-proof roofing. Our licensed roofing contractors in Fountain Valley display rigorous attention to detail and skillfully work around HVAC systems and other equipment housed on your commercial roof. Just as your customers trust you to deliver on your promises, you can trust Hercules Roofing with your commercial roofing project.   

If you need commercial roofing repair in Fountain Valley, our contractors will assess the situation and give you an estimate for the necessary work to get your roof back in top shape. If you need a commercial roofing installation or replacement, we will work with you to create a customized solution for your business space, timeline, and project budget.   

Our Hercules Roofing team can help you plan preventative maintenance and give you all the information you need to make the right commercial roofing decision for your business. Our roofing contractors have deep knowledge and understanding of local Fountain Valley building codes and requirements. We guarantee we will complete your roofing project in an efficient, safe, and long-lasting way that meets or exceeds industry standards. 

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Best Commercial Roofing Company in Fountain Valley


Unexpected expenses can put a major damper on your business’s bottom line. Don’t ignore problems with your roof. You need a commercial roofer in Fountain Valley that understands the special considerations unique to the structure of your business’s location.  

Because most commercial roofs are flat and not sloped, water often pools in rainy or humid weather, slowly eating away at the roof structure below it. Hercules Roofing offers commercial roofing coating services to protect your roof from exposure to excess water and the damaging effects of ultraviolet light here in beautiful Fountain Valley  

A well-maintained roof lasts for decades, so you may never have needed to research commercial roof replacement before. Let Hercules Roofing be your guide—it’s what we do! If you need a roofer, they’re a dime a dozen in the phonebook. But if you need a trusted commercial roofer, it’s imperative to contact one specializing in the commercial roofing industry, like Hercules Roofing.    

Get in touch with us today if you are looking for a reliable commercial roofer in Fountain Valley, California, and we will gladly assist you with your roofing needs.