Why Choose Hercules Roofing for Your Huntington Beach Hot Mop Roof Repair? 

We are professional hot mop roofing contractors who install durable flat and low-slope roof coverings. Call us today at 949-945-8187 to schedule a consultation.

A hot mop roof is a durable, high-quality solution for flat roof structures. This type of built-up roof consists of felt and asphalt layers with a top gravel layer. Whether you own a commercial or residential property, hot mopping might be a viable option to protect your roof. 

At Hercules Roofing, we provide high-quality hot mop roofing services in Huntington Beach, CA. Call us today to schedule a hot mop roof installation or repair. 

Huntington Beach’s Hot Mop Roofing Contractors with Experience 

hot mop roof company in Huntington Beach

At Hercules Roofing, we are hot mop roofing contractors with extensive flat roof installation experience. We follow a proven process to save time while ensuring long-lasting results:  

  1. Evaluating the existing roof structure to ensure that it can carry the hot mop roof’s weight 
  2. Cleaning the existing roof surface 
  3. Installing flashing along the edges of the roof, roof structures, and fittings to create a waterproof seal 
  4. Placing a waterproof material, such as rosin paper, on the roof deck surface 
  5. Applying a layer of molten asphalt to the waterproofing using a specialized mop 
  6. Covering the molten asphalt layer with building felt 
  7. Adding a top layer of pea stones or gravel

In most cases, multiple layers of hot liquid asphalt and building felt are necessary to create an impermeable roof layer. The top gravel surface is optional, but we typically recommend it to protect the asphalt from the sun’s UV rays.  

When You Need a Hot Mop Roof Installation in Huntington Beach, Call Hercules Roofing! 

hot mop roofing company in Huntington Beach

There are many types of flat roofing to choose from, so why should you consider a hot mop roof? 

  • Versatile and scalable roofing option: A flat roof hot mop is suitable for various property types and easy to extend to other parts of the roof.  
  • Durable roof covering: Hot mop roofs can withstand harsh weather, including the sun’s UV rays, for up to two decades.  
  • Suitable for roofs with unusual shapes: Installing a hot mop roof is straightforward, even if your building has an unconventional floor plan. We can easily install a hot mop roof around roof penetrations, such as chimneys and HVAC units.  
  • Low hot mop roof cost: Hot mop roofs offer an ideal balance of quality and affordability because you can add hot mopping to an existing roof structure. A hot mop roof is also lightweight, so its installation typically doesn’t require roof deck reinforcing.  

At Hercules Roofing, our team heats asphalt to 400°F, then applies it evenly over the roof surface. We work with precision and take precautionary steps to prevent the asphalt from cracking or bubbling.  

Hot mop roof installation requires professional equipment and expertise. Installing hot mop roofing yourself can cause personal injury or suboptimal results.  

Hercules Roofing is one of the leading hot mop roofing contractors in Huntington Beach, CA. Call us at 949-945-8187 to schedule a hot mop roof repair or installation.