Top Differences Between Residential and Commercial Roof Replacement in Huntington Beach  

Although residential and commercial roofs may look similar, they have several differences between them. If you’re in the market for a commercial roof replacement company in Huntington Beach, understanding these differences is key to helping you find a high-quality roofing system for your application.  


The first major distinction between commercial and residential roofs is the design. In most cases, residential roofs are steeper than commercial roofs. Since commercial buildings are often larger than residential homes, their roofs tend to be larger in square footage. The roofing construction company you hire must be an expert in the type of roofing you need so you don’t end up with poor quality work.  

Roofing Materials  

The roofing materials for commercial and residential roofs tend to vary depending on cost, weather conditions, and the type of roof.  While asphalt shingles are a popular choice for residential applications, commercial roofs typically use materials such as galvanized steel, copper, tin, and aluminum. Some commercial roofs make use of composite materials.  

Installation and Cost  

Roofing installation typically depends on the slope and materials used. Since residential properties tend to be smaller than commercial buildings, residential roofing projects are usually more rapidly completed, often within a day. For commercial roofs, the roofing contractor must install multiple layers of metal and insulation that can take several weeks to complete.  

Commercial roofing involves a larger structural plan and more moving parts. These jobs require specialized tools and equipment not needed when installing a residential roof. Due to the amount of labor and materials, size, and equipment needed for commercial roofing installation, you should expect a commercial roof to be more expensive than a residential one.  


Another significant difference between residential roofing in Huntington Beach and commercial roofing is how each is maintained. Residential roofs typically only require a periodic visual inspection by the homeowner. The homeowner may inspect the roof from the ground, checking for signs of damage after a storm or other inclement weather.  

Residential roofs are also easier to maintain because they’re smaller and you can easily replace broken shingles or unblock clogged gutters yourself when needed. Preventative maintenance for commercial roofing is usually more involved and requires the expertise of a roofing expert.  

Flat roofs on commercial buildings require frequent professional inspections as they’re more prone to damage. When you need a commercial flat roof replacement, you’ll need to hire commercial roofing contractors.  

Only a seasoned roofing contractor will have the skill and expertise to meet the demands for both residential and commercial roofs and offer sound advice about the types of roofing materials that will work best for your application.  

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