What to Expect During a Residential Roof Replacement in Huntington Beach 

roof replacement huntington beachAs a residential roof replacement company in Huntington Beach, we at Hercules Roofing have extensive experience installing new roofs. When planning a roof replacement, you might wonder how long this project takes, what steps it includes, and how to mitigate your risks. Below, we discuss what to expect when your house undergoes a roof replacement. 

Determining the Project Scope 

This step involves a thorough inspection of your roof and a consultation to determine which materials to install. When helping you choose a new roofing material, we consider various factors, including costs, appearance, and installation requirements. Then, we will provide you with a detailed quote outlining all service and cost items.   

As an experienced residential roof replacement contractor, we can replace the roof of an average-sized home within a day or two, provided that the weather plays along. 

Preparing Your Home 

You don’t need to move out of your home during the roof replacement project. If your ceiling is intact, it will protect your interior against dust and debris. However, protecting valuable items, such as your piano, paintings, and electronics, will minimize your risk of damage. 

Removing Old Materials 

The first step of the installation process is removing the old roofing materials, including the tile roofs or shingle roofs and flashing. If necessary, we will also remove the gutters and facia boards. 

Inspecting Your Roof Structure 

After removing the old roofing materials, we will thoroughly inspect the roof deck for moisture or structural damage signs. We will also inspect the underlying structure to ensure that it is strong enough to carry the new roofing materials. If necessary, we will repair or reinforce this structure. 

Installing Your New Roof 

Before starting the installation, we will fit your roof deck with a water barrier and synthetic underlayment to protect your interior from moisture damage. Then, we will install the new roofing materials you chose during the planning phase. 

Refitting Roofing Components 

With the roof material installation complete, we will reinstall all additional roofing components, including the flashing, ridge vents, and gutter system. If these components are no longer in good condition, we will replace them to ensure your roof provides your house with optimal protection. 

Carrying Out the Final Inspection 

The last step is a complete inspection to ensure that your roofing material and roof structure have no issues. This inspection also ensures that your roof meets all relevant building and safety codes. 

Cleaning the Site 

After a roofing installation, a reputable residential roof replacement company in Huntington Beach should provide a thorough cleanup service. At Hercules Roofing, we never leave a job siteshingle roofer huntington beach without cleaning the area and removing all left-over construction materials and debris. 

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